Bar Guide 2015

Bars we love: Say oui to Anyway Café!


Anyway Café
1602 Gravesend Neck Rd (between 16th St & 17th St)
Sheepshead Bay
(718) 934-5988

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What it is: An elegant and cozy bistro with live music, an impressive vodka selection, and a balanced mix of Russian and French cuisine.

Why we love it: Where else can you pair crepes with stroganoff and wash it down with different flavors of infused vodka? Bring a date! Dim lighting, a nostalgic Russian band playing, vodka to sip on…

What to order: The pelmeni (unleavened dough dumplings), stroganoff, and anything topped with caviar because, caviar! The infused vodkas (apricot, black currant, lychee) take center stage here, but beer drinkers have plenty of choices as well.

Regular Tip: Check out their events page to keep abreast of special nights and musical happenings.

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