Nope, we’re not kitten: make real money by running away with this Chicago cat circus

Nope, we're not kitten: make real money by running away with this Chicago cat circus
Cats, they think they is circus people. via Facebook

Looking for work? Well, if last week’s roundup of cool Brooklyn jobs didn’t do the trick, then it might be time for you to throw in the towel and join the circus. But hey, don’t join just any circus. Join this TRAVELLING CAT CIRCUS in Chicago, because they’re hiring a stagehand for their national tour.

“Have you ever wanted to run away and join the circus?” reads the Craigslist ad I can’t read without crying. “Now you can, with cats! The Amazing Acro-cats are a troupe of real rescued house cats that tour the nation spreading the joy of clicker training, fostering, and adoption while entertaining audiences of all ages.”

We know that cats’ purpose in life is not solely to entertain us on tiny tightropes and drum sets. But also, look at this picture from the cat circus:


This is amazing.

That is fucking adorable. Plus at least it’s 2016, so you can be sure the purr-formers won’t end up like Topsy. Here’s the basic description for the job:

We are looking for a stage assistant who can also help take care of our Rock Star cats. This is full-time work for the qualified candidate.

Primary duties include “cat wrangling, moving props, and supporting role for master trainer and senior stage assistant,” as well as merchandise sales and front of house operation before and after the performances. Oh, and one more thing: “Ability to drive a 45 foot tour bus a plus.” Background checks are required, and pay is commensurate with qualifications and experience.

Yes, there’s a small chance this is as fake as Brooklyn Pogs, (update: it’s definitely real) but considering how tragically perfect the cat circus’ website is, we’re pretty sure they’re legit.


And just like real life, the circus isn’t always fun. via Facebook

So if you’re ready to join the whisker-cus, you can apply through the Craigslist ad. Sure, you’ll have to leave Brooklyn to take this job. But you’ll be the envy of all your friends when you return! Who else gets to cuddle well-trained cats every day for money? There are apparently “a chicken and groundhog” also featured in the cat circus, so you can probably cuddle those too.

And if you can’t take the job but you want to keep up with the cat circus, then for the love of god follow them on this Facebook fan page.

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