5 cool jobs now hiring in Brooklyn: BRIC TV, Etsy and more

The lobby of your office errrday.
The lobby of your office errrday. via Archinect

It’s been a while since our last hot n’ fresh jobs post hit the stands, and you might have been left feeling high and dry this month, thinking we must not really care whether you might ever afford another music festival. But you would be wrong in thinking that, because we definitely do care. We want you to have all the stuff of life at minimal cost, and what’s more, we want you to have fun making the money to do it.

In that spirit, here are five sweet Brooklyn jobs that range from floor manager to cellarman, pastry production to video production. No matter your area of expertise, one of these oughta pique your interest. (And if nothing does then hey, there’s always Hawaii.)

Fort Greene’s über-cool arts and media center, BRIC, is currently hiring for a full-time  marketing manager position for their community media program, BRIC TV. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, would be to grow BRIC TV’s audience and implement strategic marketing plans to increase digital viewership. You might remember BRIC TV as the channel to catch Editor emeritus Dave Colon wearing some kind of sports jersey on BK Live, or as the digital headquarters for #BHeard’s short-form social justice documentaries. IN any case, you need a bachelors’ degree in communications, 4+ years experience in marketing, strong writing and editing skills. Salary is in the mid-40s.

Also in marketing, maybe it’s finally time for you to bring your Pinterest passion to the real world: Etsy is seeking a marketing manager. They’re looking for someone who can oversee marketing initiatives on their smartphone app, manage partner relationships with Apple and Google, set business goals and also spread the good word of DIY. Want the gig? You’ve gotta have 2+ years of experience in a digital marketing role, be comfortable with data analysis and product management, and demonstrate contagious enthusiasm. If you’ve got a business degree and no chill, this might just be the job for you.


Drinking on the job: maybe? via Flickr user Bernt Rostad
Drinking on the job: maybe? via Flickr user Bernt Rostad

In the immortal words of Nina Simone, “Oh cellarman, where you gon’ run to?”  The answer to Nina’s question is, of course, to the Brooklyn Brewery, where a cellarman — or woman! — is needed to monitor fermentation, dry-hopping, filtration and carbonation. 2+ years in beer production, an eye for cleanliness, and the ability to do heavy lifting are all required. Also, forklift skills. Benefits include health care, a 401(k) and paid holidays/vacation! (They also need a shift brewer, if you’d rather be doing that.)

Wanna smell like some of BK’s best doughnuts all day? Dough needs a full-time production manager to lead both its Brooklyn and Manhattan operations. Baking actual doughnuts not required. But 5+ years in food service industry is, and 2+ years in kitchen management. This gig is six days a week, and requires both a positive energy and a sense of urgency. That’s what literally every day of living in NYC demands, though, so you should be fine. Competitive salary with benefits!

And last on our roster of cool yobs, Williamsburg’s Freehold needs a floor manager. Working in those sweet, hotel-lobby-minus-the-hotel digs would definitely be brag-worthy. There isn’t much posted about the job beyond the basic responsibilities of the floor manager, i.e. “running the floor.” You’d oversee the smooth customer flow of bros in, bros out, day in, day out. This ad also quotes Biggie Smalls for some reason; knowledge of the Commandant, while recommended, is probably not required for hire.

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