Nominate videos for the first-ever Brokecademy Awards!

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There's lots of crap out there. Nominate us some great local videos

Is there anything less Brokelyn than the pomp and flash of the Oscars? The carbon-belching limos and blinding glitz may not jive with our thrifty sensibilities, but the starry spectacle is still pretty fun to watch, even as we sit here fishing for our Superfunded supper on the Gowanus Canal.

Our film world dreams are really more of a YouTube budget than an Avatar one. YouTube is infinitely creative, totally DIY, and most of all, entirely democratic and free to all the people, of all shapes, sizes, budgets and dimensions.

That’s why we’re proud to announce the first-ever Brokecademy Awards, the most prestigious blog-based, statue-free but glory-rich awards to honor great achievements in Brooklyn YouTubery. And here’s the best part: you’re our nominating panel!

Post your nominations for Brooklyn-based interesting/unique/WTFesque YouTube videos from the past year to in the comments by Thursday midnight. We’ll pick the best in various categories and roll out the blog carpet later this week (or maybe early next week) for everyone to lavish with gawking, clapping and cheering. There’s lots of stuff out there, so we’re counting on crowdsourcing to help us find the proverbial needle in the … uh, giant pile of other needles. Nominations in the comments, people.

Here’s an example of what we might be looking for. Get nominating, and we promise we’ll skip the big music production number this year.

Best Supporting Invisible Actor:

Nominee: The Invisible Dog (from Improv Everywhere)


  1. “Leo’s Favorite Train is the F Train” is based on an original story written by young Brooklynite Leo Erikson, who has an amazing knowledge of/obsession with the subway system.

    This video is our latest, but you’d be cheating yourself if you didn’t also watch “Tickle Monsters Are Robots,” shot on the lovely streets of Crown Heights.

    It’s all on the Story Pirates channel at http://www.youtube.com/user/StoryPirates?blend=2&ob=1

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