Nitehawk’s short film series on grrrls starts tonight

Girls just wanna kill rock stars. Via Nitehawk.
Girls just wanna kill rock stars. Via Nitehawk.

You know what this city needs? More feminism! I’m not kidding, that stuff can be really rad. Inspired by the legacy of 90s riot grrrl culture, Nitehawk is putting on¬†Grrrls on Girls, the latest installation of their Artist Film Club. On Tuesday, July 16 and Wednesday, July 17, riot enthusiasts and their friends (also probably riot enthusiasts) can catch a series of short films directed exclusively by women. It’s gonna be great, and just like your new liberated mind, it’s totally free.

The series reflects an ever-increasing pop interest in girl culture, or “girls studies,” as coordinator Jane Ursula Harris calls it. DIY riot-esque feminism carved out a new space for women’s art, which in turn carved out a new space for women in culture. Sometimes the results of this can be game-changing, like Pussy Riot. Other times, it can be questionable, like Girls. Either way a big thing has happened since the 90s: when girls do stuff, people talk about it.

Each day features its own lineup of films from directors like¬†Janet Biggs, Laurel Nakadate, Laura Parnes, Jennifer Reeder, and Elisabeth Subrin. Don’t know who they are? Now’s a good time to find out. Porn stars, glamor, drugs, murder and motorcycles await all those who dare to enter. What do you expect? Girls just wanna have fun.

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