Enjoy the opera at Brooklyn Bridge Park, and 16 other free things to do this week

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There’s here so you don’t have to try to hit those notes. via Brooklyn Bridge Park

1. Supercollider’s screening 1999 German drama Aimee and Jaguar. (Monday)

2. Peppy Brits Slow Club will be at Brooklyn Bowl’s School Night, so go get an education in how to be an adorable male/female two-piece pop band

3. The Forum @ St. Ann’s is hosting a public forum on affordable housing, neighborhood development, and gentrification. (Tuesday)

4. Brooklyn Public Philosophers discusses how language shapes our perception of the social world. (Tuesday)

5. Film For All is bringing When Harry Met Sally to all five boroughs, including the beach in Coney Island, so all of New York City can be reminded of the Katz Deli scene. (Tuesday)

6. The comedy at BackFat this week will be especially flattering. (Tuesday)

7. Supercollider’s showing the 1959 sci-fi doomsday film The World, the Flesh and the Devil. (Wednesday)

8. The soda jerks from Brooklyn Farmacy and Soda Fountain will be at BookCourt to talk about their new cookbook. Don’t worry, “soda jerk” is just a phrase, they’re actually nice people. (Wednesday)

9. You’ve always known there was a Grandmaster inside you, so learn to build up those chess skills at Checkmate 101. (Wednesday)

10. If the standup at Fada Comedy isn’t enough for you, they’ve also got live music for you. (Wednesday)

11. Gotham-at-a-Glance answers all your burning questions about Gotham Writers’ Workshop. (Wednesday)

12. Get your favorite monocle out for the Metropolitan Opera Summer Recital Series at Brooklyn Bridge Park. (Wednesday)

13. Go Celebrate Brooklyn with Warpaint.  (Thursday)

14. Learn to play quoits and get a free beer, because alcohol and heavy flying objects have always been a fantastic idea. (Thursday)

15. Head to Bay Ridge’s Narrows Botanical Garden for a screening of the 1987 rom-com Overboard. (Friday)

16. Rooftop Films presents Five Star, which follows two men as one mentors the other on the workings of the gang world. (Friday)

17. Lay low with Shovels & Rope at Celebrate Brooklyn. (Friday)

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