Next week: see the candidates argue about affordable housing

For whatever reason, he's not invited
For whatever reason, he’s not invited

The rent is rather extravagant!” goes the rallying cry of one of the city’s mayoral candidates. Or, something like that. And while most sane humans agree with that sentiment, the question is always, “What’s there to be done?” Everyone running for mayor has a plan for the problem, or we hope to God that they do, and a few of them will be sharing their ideas at yet another mayoral forum next week. This one at least, is focused solely on affordable housing though.

The NYC Mayoral Forum on Affordable Neighborhoods happens next Tuesday, June 25, at the Calvary/St. George’s (4 Rutherford Pl, Manhattan) at 7pm.This will be your chance to hear some of the candidates expound on ways to keep New York from becoming like London, where plutocrats just buy up apartments and then never live there, creating weird creepy ghost towns. It’s also a chance for you to see the candidates in action, and given that the election gets closer every day and no one can identify anyone outside of Anthony Weiner, it seems important to go to at least one of these. May as well be the one where the candidates pander to your interests instead of someone else’s. Slated to appear are:

Public Advocate Bill de Blasio
Adolfo Carrion
Comptroller John Liu
Council Speaker Christine Quinn (unless there is a budget hearing at the same time)
William C. Thompson Jr.

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