New York seems somewhat unprepared for the mayoral race

Wanted: people who know who this is. via Facebook
Wanted: people who know who this is. via Facebook

There’s a mayoral race going on! Have you heard? It explains things like why people are making Anthony Weiner puns again and why Bill de Blasio is hanging out with Vampire Weekend. If the polls taken by the New York Observer are to be believed though, there aren’t going to be enough people to show up and vote in September’s primary to prevent something like a write-in campaign for Snoopy claiming victory for both parties.

Despite the fact that he’s from Brooklyn, has a bi-racial child and his wife used to be a lesbian, not one person out of 20 who the Observer quizzed was able to identify who Bill de Blasio was. But if you’re poor Bill Thompson, people don’t even know that there’s a black candidate for mayor. This despite the fact that he ran and almost beat Bloomberg in 2009. Of 20 people polled at the Atlantic Center Target, all 20 confidently answered “No” when asked if there was a prominent black politician in the race. Christie Quinn’s showing at the Brooklyn Pride poll was weak as well, with a majority of those polled either not voting for her or still on the fence.

Is there good news for anyone? Well, Anthony Weiner for one. He had the most facial recognition in the Observer‘s poll, which is kind of ironic, given that one of the most famous pictures of him cuts off half his face. He was also deemed the hottest male candidate by 20 men at Brooklyn Pride. So remember, if you’re going to resurrect your political career after getting involved in a PG-13 sex scandal, give a bunch of fiery speeches on the floor of the House first. It’s very specific advice, but could still come in handy.

Of course, if you want to skew the results as to who the hottest candidate is, or who’d be best for the economy, or even who you’re voting for, head to the Observer and take the polls. And also feel superior for being able to name everyone running for mayor, even Adolfo Carrion and George MaDonald.

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  1. julie

    I voted for Bill Thompson in 2009 because he was the alternative to Bloomberg. I didn’t know he was black until a week before the election, not that I cared. The main reason I probably won’t vote for him this time? I want a candidate who will beat Quinn and right now he’s behind Weiner. Politics in America, eh? It’s not about who you agree with, it’s about beating the one you most disagree with.

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