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Next Saturday: free vegetarian feast in Flatbush

The Cookbook Project
This food is only a representation of next Saturday's meal.

Vegetarians and scarred Food Inc. watchers love to evangelize more than Tim Tebow (especially you vegans), but the point is, the only way you’re going to convert meat lovers is by letting the food do the talking. If adzuki beans and seitan are really all that, then prove it, people.

Next Saturday (Jan. 28), the folks at Sustainable Flatbush are going to give it their best shot at a free (now you’re speaking our language) vegetarian lunch prepared by chefs David Cohen and Alissa Bilfield (The Cookbook Project). Table conversation will ervolve around local food systems, food waste and composting, and the environmental, health, and budget benefits of eating a plant-based diet. (You might want to BYOB too.)

The cost is nil, but they’re asking for soup bowls to donate to the church’s food program, which currently uses disposable styrofoam bowls. Even you craven carnivores can manage that, no?

The deets:

WHAT: Sustainable Flatbush’s Community Meal: Healthy Eating on a Budget
Saturday, January 28th, 12-2pm
WHERE: Flatbush Reformed Church, 890 Flatbush Ave. near Church


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