New York’s drivers allegedly not the meanest drivers in the United States

nyc driver
This man is less likely to cut you off without signaling. via Flickr user Jim Pennucci

Anyone who’s ever driven a car in this city, or just watched cars while looking out your apartment window or from the sidewalk know one thing: drivers around here are an impatient lot. Where are they all going? Somewhere very important, so get the hell out of the way and if you don’t like it, report it on a map ya fuckin’ crybaby. According to a new survey though, New York’s drivers aren’t the least courteous out there. Not even the second least courteous, they’re the tenth least courteous. Yeah, right.

amNewYork has the story, in which roadside assistance company Autovantage looked at the bad driving habits across the country and found that New Yorkers have cut down on things like using their cell phones while driving, changing lanes without signaling and tailgating. The first one we believe, but we just don’t at all believe the last two, having driven a car in the last year and based on watching out for cars while biking.

Things that New Yorkers haven’t cut down on, according to the report are running red lights, which we definitely believe considering the whole thing about people constantly getting run over around here, and running their cars into other people’s cars. Which is just…who even admits to that on a survey? In the meantime, where are the least courteous drivers in the United States supposed to be? Houston, which you might also remember being wrongly deemed the coolest city in America. So rest easy New Yorkers, our drivers are almost definitely still the worst.

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