The mayoral candidates are coming back to Brooklyn

Will the boys from Vampire Weekend actually be in attendance? Well, not unless voting suddenly becomes cool
Will the boys from Vampire Weekend actually be in attendance supporting Bill de Blasio? Probably not unless voting suddenly becomes cool

New York’s mayoral forum endurance march keeps lurching forward, zombie-like and unstoppable, with one “public forum” or “debate” or “dream journal share session” after another. There was another one last night in fact. But it wasn’t in Brooklyn, so clearly it wasn’t that important. Make a note to leave happy hour a little earlier than usual on Monday, May 6 though, because that’s when the mayoral candidate carnival cavalcade comes back to Brooklyn for the Brooklyn Civics 2013 Mayoral Forum, at Congregation Beth Elohim in Park Slope. Should be civilized, it’s right there in the name.

All of your favorite candidates have been invited to participate. Well, not Anthony Weiner, but he’s no one’s favorite but dead Andrew Breitbart. Oh, and tragically, Jimmy McMillan hasn’t been invited, but we’re going to just amend a “yet” to that because we really want it to happen.The forum is sponsored by the Park Slope Civic Association, Brooklyn Heights Association, the Boerum Hill Association, the Crown Heights North Association, the Fort Greene Association, the Prospect Heights Neighborhood Development Council, and the Carroll Gardens Neighborhood Association.

You can even get yourself involved in the forum by submitting a question through GoogleModerator, and voting on whether questions other people have submitted are worth a damn. Which means there’ll probably be a dearth of questions about how the candidates will protect us from false flag operations, but you might be able to sneak in a question asking Bill de Blasio and the rest of the gang if they can name one song from Vampire Weekend’s upcoming album.

Brooklyn Civics 2013 Mayoral Forum, Monday, May 6, 7pm – 9pm, Congregation Beth Elohim, 274 Garfield Pl, Park Slope, FREE

[h/t for video to New York Observer]

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