New Republic writer calls ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ conservative agitprop

brooklyn nine nine
“High five, police state!”

Brooklyn Nine-Nine is dead-set on maintaining the shiny-on-the-surface, gross-on-the-inside legacy of the Bloomberg/Ray Kelly era. But the ultra-conservative NYPD is an odd setting for a sitcom about scrappy underdogs. The NYPD is a small army, complete with international spies and air-to-air capabilities.”

Over at The New Republic, writer David Grossman gives you something to chew on if you’ve enjoyed Brooklyn Nine-Nine this year. Does a show about NYPD detectives being lovable goofballs when the real NYPD has been involved in so many horrendous scandals, from Kimani Gray to stop-and-frisk to cops busted for both rape and attempted cannibalism make it a conservative show? We won’t write a 400 word response because that’s the last thing the internet needs and Grossman’s theory isn’t all wrong, but is it really so bad to see Nine-Nine as an aspirational show for what we’d like the NYPD to be in a perfect world?

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