New pinball store will let you leave with a whole game

Sure you have room for one of these. via Facebook
Sure you have room for one of these. via Facebook

Pinball, and most arcade games are great. But one problem with them is that the only thing you can get for pumping all those quarters in them is a chance to put your initials (always SEX) in the high score area. You’d think for all the money you pay to play the damn things, you should be able to drag a machine home with you. Well, one pinball shop has heard that rather odd request and they agree: if you spend enough money at Modern Pinball, you can take a machine home with you.

Yes, you read that correctly. DNA Info talked to the owners of the new shop, who explained that instead of being a place where you put quarters into the machine, you buy time by the half-hour, hour or day. The Manhattan-based showroom, located on 362 3rd Avenue, opens October 28, and unlike an arcade, will have only pinball. So take your lust for street fighting and buck hunting elsewhere, punk.

But about that payment system.  A half-hour of unlimited play will cost $7.50, an hour $10 and a day $20. Rack up a tab that’s equivalent to how much a machine costs you and you can go home with it. Of course, the cheapest machine is $1500, so it’ll take some time before you get one. Where will you fit a pinball machine? And how will you get it home and up the stairs? Well, you should have thought of that before you agreed to buy it, smart guy.

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