New Music Tuesday: Wild Leaves get meditative with ‘Black River’

Wild Leaves
Begin the meditation by taking a good look in this pot

It’s interesting how we manage to forget about things. A horrible, seemingly life threatening headache vanishes from memory once the ibuprofen kicks in. A “life long” grudge against someone ends up being no big deal once the blood cools, and a bit of time passes. A muggy summer spent cursing the sun and praying for snow ends up the thing of daydreams once the snow comes and we suddenly miss warmth. We’re fickle, forgetful people, and we’re all just killing time, and losing it as it happens.

The music of Brooklyn’s Wild Leaves is “all season” music. It can be warm for you, it can cool you down, and their layered, nuanced songwriting will jar your memory about any number of things as song after song causes you to reflect on the discarded past. Kicking up the dirt and renewing situations numbed by time. Sounds deep? Well it is.

Have a listen to “Black River” off the band’s latest EP Hello Sunlight and pay attention to what it kicks up for you.

A lot about this band, and their new EP, makes me think about nature, weather, the elements, and general outdoorsy feelingsy stuff. And not just because the word “leaves” is in their band name. I felt compelled to ask them the following question based on all of this:

Question: If you had to choose between living somewhere where it was forever fall, or somewhere where it was forever spring, which would you choose and why?

Here’s what they said:

“Tough question! Spring is such a hopeful time. So many ideas and plans in the works. Planting seeds and watching them grow. Fall is a little more somber. A time of reflection. The year is a drawing to an end. Colors brilliantly fading. There’s something intensely beautiful about that moment. Cause enough for celebration. Our fields have come to harvest.

I’d choose forever fall. I enjoy the mood and meditative energy. Maybe it’s just New York, but our culture feels very hope driven. Sometimes to a fault. Always daydreaming about how to make our lives better. Sometimes seeing past the beauty in front of us, or glossing over a problem that needs fixing. I think we can all spend more time reflecting on our individual journeys and appreciating the treasures around us.”

See? They get it.

Wild Leaves have a nice sized tour coming up which you can keep track of HERE.

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