New Music Tuesday: Walking around with Wet

Hey uh…behind you…there’s a…ah forget it.

I went searching for Wet. It all happened very organically. I was in need of a new band to write about. I was in need of something new. I went about finding it in the expected ways. I Googled “cool bands,” “cool Brooklyn bands,” “cool Brooklyn bands 2015.” I found a lot of actual horseshit. And then I found Wet. I clicked on them based on nothing other than their name. Which is normal and fine of me to have done. It was 110 degrees outside and Wet just sounded refreshing.

Often described as “indie R&B,” but quoted in interviews such as THIS ONE saying they prefer to fall under “pop,” the Brooklyn based band will be releasing their debut full-length Don’t You via Columbia Records this Fall. The lead single off the album is “Deadwater” and you can watch the video for that right now:

The opening scene of the video shows lead singer Kelly Zutrau walking through someone’s backyard in the early morning hours. The light is dreamy, the neighborhood is dreamy and unspecific, her sweater is dreamy, she finds a kitten at one point, and that damn thing is dreamy too. The visuals for the video, mixed with Kelly’s warm blanket vocals, are perfect for lowering your blood pressure. Have you taken your blood pressure recently? I bet it’s high. Go watch the video again.

Their debut album, almost 100% self-produced, was recorded last year in Western Massachusetts during what was described as a “period of solitude,” which is a phrase that I personally believe should be used more often, and for a wide variety of things. Someone asks you to get drinks after work? Can’t, you’re in a period of solitude. Someone asks for your number at the bar … period of solitude, etc. This band is basically changing everyone’s lives right now.

As is always the case, we asked the band to answer a single question for this post, but in this instance they were unable to get back to us in time. Here’s what we asked:

Question: If you could pick your most ideal neighborhood (that actually exists) to wander around and spend a day by yourself in, what would it be, and what would you do?

I can only assume that they were unable to answer the question due to some manner of period of solitude situation. Who could blame them. I am currently, as I write this, in the midst of a period of solitude. When that period of solitude subsides, I plan on making myself a snack.

Wet will be opening for Julianna Barwick at the Bearsville Theater in upstate NY on August 22nd. Full ticket info can be found HERE.

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