New Music Tuesday: Smash the patriarchy with Future of What

You can smash the patriarchy but still want your favorite restaurant to survive

Thinking about the future is exciting, while also being cripplingly terrifying. Will it be brutally hotter? Colder? Will we still be able to shop online? Will there be any animals left? How about sweatpants? Will the aliens finally come to harvest our organs like they’ve been threatening to do via veiled hints transmitted  secretly on Soundcloud for all these years? What? What is happening? It’s all so uncertain. One thing out of a very short list of certain things is that Brooklyn’s Future of What is hot. Even their own album thinks so.

The band’s latest EP, Hots (yeah, that’s why I did that up there, and I’m sorry) is the follow up to their first full-length, Pro-Dreams, released earlier this year. The track we’re about to share with you is off the new EP and it’s called “Blue and Gold.”

The sound of Future of What is about as easy breezy as it gets, and sometimes that’s refreshing. Yes, please do rhyme “champagne” with “rain.” And yeah, I WANT you to have a lot of lyrics about the ocean. Give it to me. Give it all right here. I’m sold. I’m tired of the stress of life, and all this previous talk about alien organ harvesting. I just wanna lay on my floor and stare at the ceiling while feeling dreamy about random pleasant things. This track, as well as their entire new EP, is perfect for that.

Getting back to the future (*slide whistle noise*) we asked the band to describe something they hope it holds, or alternately, DOESN’T hold, and here’s what they said:

“We are hoping that the future holds the end of capitalist white supremacist patriarchy. We hope that our favorite restaurant, Taste Of China, will be able to survive all of those political, social, and economic changes.”


Future of What will be having their EP release show on July 23rd at Elvis Guesthouse and you can grab all the info for that HERE.

Bonus: here’s a link to listen to the first single off Hots, “Choose Existing.” Now go get situated on the floor and power down for awhile.

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