New Music Tuesday: Slonk Donkerson is fun to say, more fun to hear

Just keep saying their name, they don’t mind

Slonk Donkerson, hands down, wins my own personal award for “Best Band Name to Say Out Loud.” No matter where you are, or what you’re doing right now as you read this, just cup your hand over your mouth and whisper Slonk Donkerson. It just might be the most fun you have all day, especially if you’re reading this at work and you already ate your lunch.

Slonk Donkerson are a trio of childhood friends who grew up with each other in Pound Ridge, New York. Their latest album, The Lunar Martini Motorbike Club And Their Respective Destinies, came out on Friday, and you can stream it in full here:

When it came time to ask them something, I wanted to ask them something that seemed tough, because they look kind of tough, so I asked them: “Describe the last time you remember thinking “oh man, I feel like I wanna punch this person in the nose, but I’m not sure why.”

Here’s what they said:

“We’re always sure why we want to punch someone in the nose, but we never punch anyone in the nose. We aren’t fighters.”

So then I was like: “Aw, you coulda done better than that. haha. How about: Describe what the word “donk” means to you.”

And they said:

“Once, not so long ago, there were two princes. One prince was tall and thin. The other prince was short and stocky. One morning, the two sat atop a green hill surrounded by many green hills. The stocky prince said, “I bet I can throw this oblong, red rock farther than you.” The thin prince said, “You’re probably right.” The next day when the genie finally appeared there were only two wishes left. So the stocky prince ran up to the crystal doors of the great maroon tower and shook his fist to the sky. The thin prince chuckled to himself and then said these word, “the oblong, red rock was the princess all along. Now it is I who shall inherit the Kingdom of Donk!” And that’s why giraffes have four legs. The end.”

And then I said:

“Hahahaha. Perfect.”

Keep track of any Slonk Donkerson shows via their website HERE.

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