New Music Tuesday: In search of Sharer

Ooh, mysterious
Ooh, mysterious

Have you heard about Sharer? They’re kind of a mystery, but here’s everything I know about them so far: 1) They’re a band. 2) The people in the band consist of JD Samson, and Dutch artist Nick van Hofwegen, who goes by Young & Sick. 3) They have (at this time) 111 FB page likes. 4) They have (at this time) 45 Twitter followers. 5) The last post (at this time) on their FB page was on August 21st, and it was to share the track “Body Tonight,” which I’ll also share, with all of you, right now.

“Body Tonight,” and a LEFTI remix of “Body Tonight” are (at this time) the only songs made public by Sharer. I want to hear more. I’d like to know more. Wouldn’t you?

A few weeks ago I wrote an email to the only email address listed on their FB page, asking for info, a quote, the usual, and I didn’t get a response. I sent the email again, and still didn’t get a response. Since that time they’ve added two manager emails, and a publicist email to their FB page, so I guess THAT was my response.

Stereogum was able to talk to them. So I’m just gonna pull quotes from their interview, because that’s what the Internet is for. Here’s what Young & Sick told them about Sharer:

“I used to go see JD simply as a fan while living in London. Her live shows were always absolutely fantastic, leaving me a sweaty mess. When the opportunity arose for me to work with her, I jumped at it. A few months later, here is the beginning of our new friendship. I couldn’t be more excited to share it.”

And here’s what JD Samson told them about Sharer:

“Nick and I were matched up to write songs for other people, but after about two seconds of sharing, we knew what we had was something completely and utterly ours. Love and respect for your collaborators is so important, and working with Nick is such a beautiful expression of our mutual admiration. I love our process and can’t wait until the world gets to share the joy.”

No mention was made in their interview with Stereogum as to what the last snack they shared with a friend was. That’s the question I had planned on asking them. Now we’ll never know if the last snack they shared with a friend was a Hot Pocket, handful of mixed nuts, a Kit Kat, or an orange wedge. We’ll never know.

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