New Music Tuesday: Nesting with Half Waif

Behold, your herald of spring

Half Waif is a Brooklyn band populated by Nandi Rose Plunkett (Vocals), Zack Levine (Percussion) and Adan Carlo (Bass) who are on the brink of releasing their second full-length album, Probable Depths in April 2016. Their latest single, and first taste of what’s to be expected from the new release, is a song called “Nest” that was recently premiered on Stereogum, and listening to it is as refreshing as splashing cold water in your face after waking up from a sweaty nap on the couch.

If in the right headspace, “Nest” can take you on a mental journey through those first few optimistic days of spring. And yeah, I know that for most of us this winter has been freakishly warm, but spring is still something to look forward to, for all the dewy newness that this song champions. The initial notes of the track conjure images of little chicky beaks poking out of an egg, or an unsuspecting worm inching its way out of wonderfully fresh smelling dirt. You could play this on a loop, take your shoes off, and roll around in the grass until you sprained something and then had to sit under a tree to collect yourself. That’s what I’m getting from this song. Don’t let me be the only one, have a listen and get there yourselves:

Just like new albums, seasons, and almost everything else in life can be recognized as moments of transition, this latest edition of New Music Tuesday is a transition for me, as it’s my last. I’ve loved doing it – every moment of the way – but a new year brings new opportunities and some space had to be cleared, so it’s all very bittersweet. I asked Nandi from the band to describe the last moment she had what could be referred to as “bittersweet” and this is what she said:

“This time of year is particularly bittersweet, I think! The clear delineation of something ending and something beginning.
On the night of the winter solstice, I went to see my oldest friend (as in, friends since birth). She lives in Brooklyn but I don’t get to see her that often. We drank cinnamon tea and talked about family and the past, about our jobs and the future, about ambition and confusion. Then we wrote wishes down on pieces of paper and lit them, watched the burning papers float and scatter around her Williamsburg loft. On the darkest day of the year, we visited some of our shadows and set them on fire, welcoming the gradual lengthening of light. A bittersweet ritual for the new year.”

Everything is changing all the time, which is both scary, sad, exciting, and amazing. Here’s to a great New Year for Brokelyn, Half Waif, and me … duh.

Make sure to catch the band at one of these upcoming shows:

12/30 | Philadelphia, PA | Kat Kat Phest
01/06 | Brooklyn, NY | Shea Stadium
01/26 | Brooklyn, NY | Palisades

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