New Music Tuesday: Mizan K has it all

Some people, like Mizan K, are just lucky we guess

Mizan K is a NYC based artist whose latest EP, Dark Blue, was just released on Terrible Records – a beloved label that’s also home to LE1F, Solange, and Empress Of. Recording soulful, dark, complex music that’s nearly impossible to tune out is Mizan’s primary focus, but we were tipped off to the little known fact that she’ll also soon be modeling for a fancy brand’s lookbook. Writers tend to focus way too much on the looks of any and all female performer, so I won’t do that here, but I will say that in the case of Mizan, having beauty, smarts, pipes, and creative ambition, makes for a unfuckwithable package. There’s something classic about her that’s both old and new.

Here’s her video for “Looking For” which is the first track off of the new EP, and which she made herself, with help from str8ngecreature.

As a New Yorker and a card-carrying member of the “two jobs or more” club, we were curious to hear her answer to the following question:

Question: Living in New York is all about balance. Balancing five different jobs, five different creative pursuits, etc. We’re all so busy, so often, that taking time to just relax feels like a guilty pleasure. What’s your favorite thing to do on the days when you’re just like “fuck it?”

Here’s what she said:

“Relaxing does feel like a guilty pleasure! Well, my favorite thing to do is to look at works of art and live in the world of the artists’ creation for a moment. I find so much inspiration in discovering new films and directors, studying their style and point of view- I’ll watch a film and then watch five more films by the same director. Also, spending hours visiting some great websites that archive artwork, I spend a lot of time here. On days where I’m tired or uninspired, I like to just watch what other artists are up to and have been up to in the past.”

Keep track of Mizan K and everything she has coming up HERE.

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