New Music Tuesday: Follow Field Trip to the palm trees

field trip
It’s a rocking place. via Facebook

The weather is changing. Not just here in Brooklyn, but everywhere. Snow is melting to reveal poop and cigarette butts. Long sleeves are turning to short sleeves. Jeans Guy is turning into shorts guy. (You know Shorts Guy? There’s always a Shorts Guy in 50-degree weather in any town, walking around, being Shorts Guy.)

We are all waiting on warmer temperatures, even though they make us crazy seeming at first. The other afternoon, on one of the first actually warm days, I knelt down by my window and spied on a group of four people having some sort of drug related argument outside. Wanna know what the drug seller lingo in Crown Heights is for cocaine? It’s “Toot.” I heard them yelling the word (TOOT! TOOT! TOOT!) right out there in the fresh air and sunshine. I learned something new and walked around the apartment saying the word “Toot” in my brain all day. I guess spring makes everyone equally crazy in their own individual ways. It’s fine. At the very least, we can turn to leisurely comforting music like Field Trip for help in calming our inner whatevers

Electronic soundscaper Noah Champ performing under the moniker, Field Trip, recently left Los Angeles to relocate to Brooklyn. On his most recent single, “Song 4 California” off of his upcoming debut EP The Sounds Inside Your Mind, Champ looks back on the land of palm trees and blonde In N Out Burger employees as he inches forward, emotionally as well as geographically, towards his new home of BK USA.

When Champ hits the lyric “Blame it on a blue dream walking” you get the sense that even though he’s leaving something good for something better (I mean, duh) his heart is dragging its drippy feet.

Sounding like something the Lisbon Sisters would cue up on a humid afternoon spent smoking cigarettes and staring out the window, Field Trip conjures up the bittersweet parts of the warmer months. Drawn curtains blocking out the once welcomed sun, now turned oppressive. The hum of the AC. A drink abandoned on the bedside table, sweating from the melting ice.

Although Champ is the primary force behind Field Trip, he calls upon band members Nico, Phill, Skyler, and Jason for live performances. Having played a few shows now, they’re getting a feel for their new home court advantage.

“Our first show was at Palisades, and we love the feel there,” Champ says. “They’ve also been putting on some killer shows with some bands we look up to like Parquet Courts, Laced and Ratking. The Knitting Factory is cool and has a more stagey feel, and Muchmore’s has certainly had the most relaxed feel overall.”

You can catch Field Trip at The Knitting Factory on March 26 for their EP release show. Full info here. Eat rocks, California. We win!

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