New Music Tuesday: Keeping things fresh with Very Fresh

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Too fresh. Almost.

Very Fresh is a Brooklyn based lo-fi/punk band that’s headed up by bassist Cindy Lou Gooden, formerly of Babement, the all-female (not like that matters) Pavement cover band. Very Fresh just released a new single on New Professor Records and it’s quite literally the perfect thing to listen to while you’re bustling around your apartment, doing whatever, enjoying the familiar/deadly smell of your space heater. It’s cold as shit outside. Listen to this and jump up and down a little. Jump on the bed for all anyone cares. You’re a grown ass person and you’re living your true life.

Anyway. the songs on the single are called “Clean Touch,” and “Pale Lips” – you can listen to them right now and then buy them digitally for $2 total over at New Professor. $2 is nothing. That’s practically free. If you’re like “I have more than $2 even, I have $5!” Then maybe you’ll consider buying the single on tape.

The lineup for this particular single looks like this:

Cindy Lou Gooden: vocals, guitar, glockenspiel
Carlos Hernandez: bass
Julian Fader: drums

Very Fresh is headed out on a nice size tour and you can catch them at one of these dates:

12/1 – New Haven CT with Hellrazor (mems Speedy Ortiz), Lea, Witch Hair (mems Stove, namely Stove)-
12/4 – Philadelphia PA with Socialite, Pale Angels, Beth Israel
12/5 – Montclair NJ with Dan Francia (Flagland), Garden Party, The Ordeal
12/6 – Washington DC with June Gloom, Operator, “TBA” (more like “TIA” iykwim)
12/9 – NYC with Infinity Girl, The Gradients, Suburban Living, Fern Mayo
12/11 – NYC with Speedy Ortiz, Downtown Boys, eskimeaux
12/12 – Boston with Puppy Problems, Big Buck Hunter
12/13 – Hadley MA @ The Asbestos Farm with Big Thief, Bucket
12/16 – Los Angeles, CA with Air Life, Alina Bea, New Technology

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