New Music Tuesday: Everything you can learn about Battles in ten minutes

Let the learning begin!
Let the learning begin!

The internet is good for such a wide variety of things like ordering food, online shopping addictions, pornography, stalking people, and researching things. One thing that’s endlessly fun to research is every possible fact you can find out about any particular band. This can usually be done in about ten minutes. Let’s do it now and use Brooklyn band Battles as an example. Start your clocks, annnnnnnd. Go.

Okay, let’s start with their Facebook page and see what we can find. Alright.

1) Their latest album, La Di Da Di came out on September 18th via Warp Records.

2) They recently played a show in Seattle with Shabazz Palaces.

3) They were recently on the cover of Crack Magazine.

4) The New York Times loves them.

(Alright, now I’m switching over to their Twitter.)

5) The last person they followed at the time of writing this was THIS GUY.

6) The first person they ever followed was THEIR LABEL. Which probably means that their label runs their Twitter account.

(Switching over to Google.)

8) When you Google “Battles rules” THIS is the first thing to come up.

9) When you Google “Battles sucks” THIS is the first thing to come up.

10) When you Google “Battles sex scandal” THIS is the first thing to come up.

(Switching over to Youtube)

11) When you search “Best Battles Live Show” this comes up: nothing.

12) When you search “Battles” this comes up:

13) When you search “Battles interview” this is the first thing to come up after two ads:

And that’s about all the time we have.

Conclusion: So not many actually “facts” were discovered about Battles this time around, but we still had fun doing it. And hey, isn’t that what life is all about?

Battles are currently on a very extensive tour and you can keep track of the dates HERE. And that’s a fact.

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