New Music Tuesday: Dommengang boogie when they want to

Dommengang, boogieing like they’re pros. via Facebook

Remember the movie Jennifer’s Body? I re-watched it over the weekend after having not seen it in a few years and the film as a whole took on a completely new meaning to me. After moving past the inevitable mental reminder that the film’s star, Megan Fox, has had consensual sex with David from 90210…on purpose, I spent a lot of time thinking about how the evil and murder-y character played by Adam Brody says “Do you have any idea how hard it is to be in an indie band these days” before sacrificing Megan Fox’s character (Jennifer) to the devil in exchange for fame and Facebook likes.

Brooklyn’s Dommengang doesn’t have to worry about sacrificing women to the devil in order to set themselves apart from every other Brooklyn band, because they’re already refreshing as hell. (Mic drop over how well I tied that all together.)

Their new album, Everybody’s Boogie, came out on May 19th and the title track, which we’re sharing with you now, does for your brain what closing apps and deleting pictures does for your iPhone. De-cluttered brain, lower blood pressure. De-cluttered phone, faster internet. Same thing.

Going off the word “boogie,” which is a really fun word to say out loud, I asked the band via email to describe the last time that they burst into dance, but they opted not to answer. Or maybe they just didn’t answer in time. I can’t blame them. The last time I burst into dance was at my wife’s sister’s wedding and afterwards people kept asking me if I was okay.

Everybody’s Boogie was recorded and mixed in Greenpoint in under a week, which is really impressive. Equally impressive is the fact that the band will be touring the West Coast with Holy Sons this summer. In the meantime, you can catch them at Union Pool on June 6.

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