New Music Tuesday: Diet Cig swaps out bad habits with good songs

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Diet Cig has none of the tar and all of the fun of your favorite cigarette. Photo by Andrew Piccone

The other night I was at a bar with my wife because she was playing a show there that night. We, as people, and as a couple, smoke cigarettes, and we have a bad habit of smoking A LOT of cigarettes when we’re out at bars. Cigarettes are a thing that people like to partake in while drinking even if they’re not regular smokers, so imagine what it’s like to be drinking as a regular smoker, and how that would make you want to smoke until you basically break in half and seep tar juice all over an unsuspecting patio. So anyway, we were out behind this bar smoking and all of a sudden I got what I would describe as a sharp seizing pain in my left side that immediately made me think “damn, I need to quit smoking.”

I have, of course, not actually quit smoking yet, but I should. Everyone should. This is all a segue into me talking about this band, Diet Cig, that doesn’t have anything to do with smoking per se (though they did meet during a search for a lighter, or so the story goes) or the story I just told, other than the fact that they have the word “cig” in the name of their band. Diet Cig is populated by members Alex Luciano (guitar) and Noah Bowman (drums), and they live in New Paltz, NY. Do you guys smoke regularly? If you don’t, don’t start. If you do, you should quit, or at least do that thing that Obama was doing (or still does) where he only has one a day. I think JFK Jr. did that too.

Diet Cig’s debut EP Over Easy made everyone freak out when it was released in early 2015. Stereogum just picked the song “Harvard” off of the EP as one of their 101 best songs of 2015. That’s a pretty big achievement. Now they have a new(ish) seven-inch called “Sleep Talk / Dinner Date” which came out a couple months ago and I think that it’s pure joy to listen to. See if you agree while listening to the track “Sleep Talk” right now.

The band has a pretty nice size tour coming up and if you’re able to catch them at one of the following shows, you really should.

12.12.15 – Amherst, MA @ U Mass Amherst (w/ Palehound)

01.09.16 – Sheffield, UK @ Bungalow & Bears (w/ Bruising)
01.10.16 – Glasgow, UK @ Broadcast (w/ Bruising)
01.11.16 – Bristol, UK @ The Louisiana (w/ Bruising)
01.12.16 – London, UK @ Old Blue Last
01.13.16 – London, [email protected] Servant Jazz Quarters
01.14.16 – London, [email protected] Lexington
01.15.16 – Leeds, [email protected] Headrow House (w/ Bruising)

02.01.16 – New Orleans, LA @ Gasa Gasa (w/ Bully)
02.03.16 – Houston, TX @ Walter’s (w/ Bully)
02.04.16 – Austin, TX @ The Parish (w/ Bully)
02.05.16 – Dallas, TX @ Three Links (w/ Bully)
02.06.16 – Little Rock, AR @ Stickyz Rock ‘n’ Roll Chicken Shack (w/ Bully)

03.15.16 – 03.20.16 – Austin, TX @ SXSW

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