New map shows a slew of affordable housing headed to Brooklyn

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All those dots? Those are places you’ll desperately try to live!

The first of the month is coming up and you know what that means: paying your extremely high rent at your apartment! It’s that or start a lengthy eviction process. While you begrudgingly write out your check for your landlord though, you can keep a little hope in your heart because DNA Info put together a handy interactive map of a bunch of the affordable housing that’s coming to Brooklyn in the near future. Will you wind up living there? Hmm…hey! Look over there!

According to DNA Info’s fancy map, Brooklyn is getting 202 units of housing built through partnerships between the city and various housing non-profits. Many of the buildings, like the cluster going up in Bushwick, have 4 to 5 apartments each, but there are also giant outliers like the development going up in Crown Heights at 1548-1564 Bergen Street that will have 90 units. The two things no one is sure of yet are the income requirements to be eligible to enter the hopeless affordable housing lottery and what the exact rents will be, but we do know that they’ll be below market value. So if you’ve managed to hold on here until then, maybe you’ll have something to look forward to. Maybe.

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