New line replacing Fung Wah will never be quite the same

There's just nothing like an original. via Flickr user Michael McDonough
There’s just nothing like an original. via Flickr user Michael McDonough

Pour one out for the Chinatown Bus, the proud steamship of the Northeast that for many years carried us dutifully, if not dangerously, for many years between Boston, Philly, DC, and beyond for only $15. In recent weeks, the Feds shut down both the Fung Wah and the Ming An for being “imminent hazard[s] to public safety.” And while our general reaction has been “hazard shmazard, give us our cheap bus back,” things are starting to look up with talk of a new line.

The new service is called YO!, and tickets will be starting at $12 a pop. YO! is  a division of Peter Pan and Greyhound, who also run Megabus and Bolt Bus, as well as their own relatively affordable lines, so just in case you were wondering who was monopolizing your travel life – there it is.

For those of us who did not enjoy the Fung Wah tradition of being plunged into darkness for several hours on end while overhearing multiple strangers’ phone conversations, YO! promises leather seats and free wifi, you know, if you’re into that kind of thing.

And, of course, like all things that seem to good to your wallet to be true, there’s a catch, at least for now. As it launches, YO! will only be traveling to ugh, Philly and Boston. And who want to go there? So those hoping to go to DC or farther will have to wait with bated breath for another “magnificent wind” to carry them away.

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  1. gene99

    I heard that Fung Wah was going to merge with another bus company, an airline, or a freight service to become…

    Fung Peter Wah Ming Pan
    Fung Long Lucky Bus
    Fung Jitney
    Fung Wings of Alaska
    Fung UPS
    Fung Virgin America

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