New from Gilt Groupe: drool-worthy travel deals

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The Estancia Vik in San Jose Ignacio, Uruguay.

We’ve never really understood the whole Gilt Groupe membership thing—it’s a designer-discount site where they say you have to be invited to join, but anyone can just sign up here, and then you get emails about crazy sales on R.J. Graziano jewelry, Ernest Sewn jeans, DKNY shoes, Marc by Marc Jacobs menswear and the like. Sales start at noon each day, and as some of our fashiony friends can attest, they can get a little… addictive. Now they’re rolling out a luxury travel-deal site,, as we discovered via yesterday’s Gilt Groupe email blast. It’s still in “preview” and still wicked expensive, but we wanted you to know because the places they’re discounting are pretty fantabulous: ranches in Montana; estates in Mustique; resorts in José Ignacio, Uruguay; and even the Hotel Rivington ($249 a night instead of the $375 on the web site.) No, it’s not couch surfing, and you won’t find a place for $500 a week here, but if you send the link to a rich relative, maybe you’ll get invited? Sign up here.

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