New commuter report reinforces how useful the X train would be

"I'll just take the BQE, no one's thought of that," said everyone on the road. via Flickr user photoAtlas
“I’ll just take the BQE, no one’s thought of that,” said everyone on the road. via Flickr user photoAtlas

Jobs. We all need them, and unless you’re a filthy freelance doing work in your socks and underwear, you also need to travel to get to your job. Which sucks, especially if there’s no direct route and you don’t have a car, or if you do have one and there’s traffic, which there is. A new report from the Partnership for New York City has some good news for Brooklyn on the jobs front: because of our awesome economy, 24% more people both live AND work here. So that’s good. The bad news? There are 150,000 commuters between here and Queens every day, and most of them don’t have good transportation options. Hmmm…coulda sworn there was a proposal for a train to fix this…

In addition to pointing out that at 48 minutes, a New Yorker’s commute is 13 minutes longer than everyone else, the Partnership study also found of those 150,000 commuters between Brooklyn and Queens, half of them do the commute by driving. Which hey, no biggie, not like we have a giant looming greenhouse gas problem or anything like that. The authors of the study propose more bus service and studying the idea of adding more Select Bus Service between the boroughs, but we’ll just be sitting here with our pipe dream of the X train and it’s magical ability to get you between Queens and Brooklyn without going through that lousy Manhattan.

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