God yes, give us the X line already

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Not pictured: thousands of smiling faces not going into Manhattan. via Vanshnookenragge

Now that the improved G train is going to usher us into a glorious age where, uh, we don’t complain about the G train, we need something new to unite Brooklyn’s subway riders in agitation. And it has to be more than hot subway platforms or people clipping their nails on the train, everyone can complain about that. Oh of course: it’s freaking impossible to make a trip to south Brooklyn without going into Manhattan. Enter the X line.

The Atlantic Cities dug up an old blog post someone had written about the proposed line, which would run through south Brooklyn and up to Queens and the Bronx all while avoiding Manhattan, as an example of a transit project the mayoral candidates should be calling for. We couldn’t agree more. That black line you see running through Brooklyn, crossing all the subway lines is the proposed X line. For us Brooklynites, it would go from Sunset Park, through south Brooklyn, up towards Queens and the Bronx by way of Broadway Junction. Which would mean it would connect to every train line in Brooklyn, except for the G train. So hey, a new thing for G train riders to complain about too!

Originally thought up of in 1996, the line, as designed, would cross with 20 subway lines, according to the Atlantic, and carry 76,000 people per day. Given that the MTA is paying more attention to us outer borough slobs with our low-brow expressions like “Oh yeah?” and “C’mere a minute,” the Atlantic is correct in pointing out that what could get it the extra heat it needs is someone running for mayor to start ¬†agitating for it. Hey, doesn’t Anthony Weiner desperately need to change the subject?

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  1. They totally should. Its not like they would be building new tracks. The tracks on which they are proposing were originally part of LIRR freight line. Ive lived here, practically all my life and since i was aware of these tracks always wondered why we were not using them. Such a waste.

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