New book celebrates the infamous NYC pigeon (4/25)

The pigeon reigns over our city. Perhaps these little birds are a little infamous, too.

Dumbo book shop, powerHouse Books is celebrating the launch of a new title, The New York Pigeon, which chronicles the mystery and intrigue behind one of NYC’s most well-known inhabitants. Photographer, author and New Yorker, Andrew Garn, crafted these hyper-realistic studio portraits of the birds over eight years. As much as we thought about roasting these photos, honestly, they’re pretty majestic. Seriously.

Besides the book’s impressive photos, it tells a story about these famed creatures and their rich history. And, it asks some very important questions: “Why are pigeons so successful in cities? Why do they have such diverse plumage? How have pigeons adapted to survive on almost any food? Why are they able to fly up to 500 miles per day, but rarely do?” The book aims to satiate curiosity and intrigue, and why these birds are so complicated and yes, amazing. We want to know more about pigeons. After all, they’ve lived right beside us all along.

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