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Picture this scenario: you had a job interview in some foreign section of town and, if it went anything like our interviews, it was an unquestionable disaster, due to vague reasons of “not addressing the room” and less vague ones like “completely and totally flubbing questions about the economy for an economic reporter job.” Your morning hopes of being able to splurge on a $6 Hennepin in celebration have been replaced again by the afternoon reality of drink-special consolation. What you need is some sort of function or operation to help you find a cheap drink, and fast!

Thanks to the ever-expanding effort to leave no aspect of modern life un-apped, you are in luck. The Cocktail Compass from L Magazine and Night and Day Studios gives you access to a database of happy hour information for 866 bars (167 in Brooklyn, 662 in Manhattan).

so close..
so close..

It can find your location and tell you the nearest one, what the bar specials are and how much time is remaining, with the time even changing to bright red when OH GOD THERE’S ONLY 15 MINUTES LEFT GO GO GO! And it’s free.  You can also search by borough, neighborhood or name.

The list isn’t 100 percent comprehensive—Boat on Smith is listed but the Brazen Head isn’t—though it does seem to be a handy little helper. For example, if this reporter needed a drink right now to calm down from his strenuous early afternoon of trying to set up an interview with REO Speedwagon for a freelance assignment, dialing up the Cocktail Compass tells him to go 0.7 miles to Sharlene’s at 353 Flatbush Ave., daily happy hours 1 pm-7 pm, with $1 off all drinks. I can’t fight this feeling that I may end up there later.

Also, there’s a useful button to find a nearby car service, which pulls up the number for Arecibo. Not sure if this is because it’s the closest right now or because they have a deal with the company (you can see an ad for a bar in the screenshot  too). If only someone had laid out your car service price comparisons for you too.

Get the app here. (warning: iTunes link)


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