The new form of retail therapy: selling your ex’s stuff

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Wait! You can resell that jerk's stuff!

A new startup has a solution for dealing with your relationship’s baggage and making a few bucks while you’re at it. Never Liked it Anyway is an online marketplace specializing in the treasures (trash?) of past loves. People sell no-longer-wanted gifts from relationships past at a steep discount. Whereas traditional methods of retail therapy only seem to toss a person from one romantic hole into another financial one, this site is intended to dig you out of both. It doubles as a support group for the recently dumped, with member-generated tips for moving on and a forum for ranting.

It’s like an anonymous therapy session, made even better by the chance to turn your spiteful memories into cold cash. But if these four items are an indication of things to come, I hope more happy relationships end in 2012.

Some of these items yield a more sentimental than practical value. But if you can leave superstitions aside, you might get yourself a great deal. The site’s marketplace is still growing — its launch was just a few weeks ago. Here’s a sampling of the deals you can find, if you don’t mind plucking through a stranger’s relationship rubble.

Dead Aunt Pillow: Sleep with the ghost of one woman’s cheating boyfriend’s beloved aunt. There has to be love somewhere in that triangle.
Real World Price: $25
Break-Up Price: $20.12

“I hope you’re luckier than me” Wedding Dress: Rotten history aside, it’s an amazing deal on what sounds like a brand-new, custom-made gown. And what are the chances of getting two jilted brides in the same dress?
Real World Price: $800
Break-Up Price: $250

Apple MacBook Pro: The seller leaves the details of the breakup sparse, but the computer specs sound solid. Real World Price: $800
Break-Up Price: $550

Snorkeling Gear: Why not take up a new hobby this winter? Who knows, you might even meet someone. And because the seller describes this as a “more for him than me” sort of gift, I’d say she deserves to make a buck off of it.
Real World Price: $120
Break-Up Price: $30

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