Nets make best move of the off-season, cut the BrooklyKnight from their roster

Just another unemployed dude with a bucket on his head now

The NBA off-season has been one of massive palace intrigue from the day after the Heat were blown out by the Spurs, and the Nets have not been short of said intrigue. They’re not in the LeBron sweepstakes, but the Jason Kidd clusterfuck and the question of whether Paul Pierce and KG will come back has created plenty of instability on its own. Thankfully though, the Nets have made a positive, stabilizing move. No, not hiring Lionell Hollins to coach the team. They’ve officially ended the reign of hilariously bad mascot the BrooklyKnight. Mikhail Prokohorov¬†does realize his salary doesn’t count towards the luxury tax though, right?

Zach Lowe of Grantland was the first man on the story, tweeting out a statement by the Nets that read, “We put a lot of effort into the BrooklynKnight, but we’ve decided to go in a different direction.” We’d quibble with the idea that slapping a silver bucket on the head of a man wearing spandex with tin foil stapled to it counts as “a lot of effort,” but hey, however they want to frame it is up to them.

Those of you looking the mourn the loss of the BrookyKnight can do so in whatever weird way you like. The rest of us will be remembering and watching this video clip over and over and over again, while listening to Ian Eagle’s immortal words, “You could not do that if given one thousand chances. Maybe five hundred thousand chances.”

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  1. Goodbye, BrooklyKnight. I will never forget the night I first saw you at Barclays, my eyes slowly widening in horror as I realized that you were actually going to be the Nets’ actual mascot in actuality.

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