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9 deals we love in Clinton Hill

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The mint Cape Codder at Anima. Photos by Eric Reichbaum.

Clinton Hill certainly has its share of alluring little traps that can easily sabotage the neighborhood cheapskate. For example, Elly’s Market (So cute! So much variety! Oh my god I just spent $60!) or Barking Brown boutique, where the funky patterns might hypnotize you into dropping a week’s pay on a tank top. But even in Clinton Hill, deals abound if you know where to go. From Park Ave down to Atlantic, Vanderbilt Ave on east to Classon, Clinton Hill is a prime territory for stoop sales. But the deals don’t stop at your neighbor’s trunk of disco-era suede jackets, as I found out on a recent weekend exploration:

FOUR VERY HAPPY HOURS Clinton Hill’s happy hours stand out for their length—instead of instituting the standard 7 pm reality check, I found several bars that keep the cheap booze flowing til 8pm. Which gives you a lot more time to feel good about getting wasted before dinner. Two of note are Anima (458 Myrtle Ave, at Washington Ave.), which offers a 2-for-1 deal until 8; and Alibi (242 Dekalb Ave, between Clermont Ave. and Vanderbilt Ave.), where drinks are $3 until 8. Monday nights are especially economical here, as The Five Spot, (459 Myrtle Ave, at Washington Ave.) on Myrtle and Washington, offers $2 pints and Rope, (415 Myrtle Ave, at Vanderbilt Ave.), sells $1 PBRs.

Bergen Bagels, photo by Eric Reichbaum
Bergen Bagels.

TWO BUDGET BREAKFAST JOINTS Soak up that happy hour hangover at Bergen Bagels (486 Myrtle Ave, between Hall St. and Ryerson St.) The breakfast specials—egg sandwich & coffee for $1.95 or muffin & coffee for $2.15—are excellent considering how fresh this food is (all baking is done on the premises). Castro’s (511 Myrtle Ave, between Grand Ave. and Ryerson St.), a Mexican joint popular with Pratt students, has a breakfast special that gets you 2 eggs any style served with home fries, bacon, ham or sausage, coffee or tea, and toast for $6. They also offer a slew of “special sandwiches” for breakfast (some quite hearty, like the 2 eggs with bacon, ham or patty sausage for $3) for $2.25 to $5.

FABULOUSLY CHEAP INDIAN FOOD For the heartiest deal I’ve found try Kinara (368 Myrtle Ave, between Adelphi St. and Clermont Ave.) It’s spicy, fresh Indian food at a great price. This is the second branch that Kinara has opened, the first being their Park Slope location. Kinara has good service, quick delivery ($13 minimum), and the chicken tikka masala, lamb korma, and samosas come highly recommended.  Most importantly, here you can get a whole 3+ course spread- appetizer, entree, rice, sauce, naan, and dessert, delivered for for $12.95. It ends up being easily enough for two people. If you’re eating in, everything on the menu is 50% off from noon to 4.

MANICURE DEALS Century 21 nail salon (383 Myrtle Ave, between Clermont Ave. and Vanderbilt Ave.), offers manicures for an obscenely low $7 and pedicures (in “those nice squishy chairs,” as my salon-savvy friend noted) for $14.

DOLLAR-A-DAY YOGA At Move With Grace Yoga studio (469 Myrtle Ave, between Hall St. and Washington Ave.), try a $30-for-30-days deal going if you sign up with a friend.

Move With Grace Yoga.
Move With Grace Yoga.

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