MTA paddles proudly prancing pantsless employee

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You can drive the subway, or you can not wear pants. But you can’t not wear pants and also drive the subway on different days, apparently. via Facebook

Some people in New York love the No Pants Subway Ride. Some tolerate it as a thing that happens. Still other hate it with the power of one thousand fiery suns, and those are the people who will like this story, even though that would be mean. The above gentleman, Christopher Chase, is a train operator who decided that he wanted to join the No Pants Subway Ride on his vacation. Because he did this, and posted pictures of it, the MTA gave him an official reprimand for “conduct unbecoming an officer MTA employee.” Well at least now we know that all of our train conductors are wearing pants?

It has to be noted, as Chase mentioned in his story in the Daily News, that Chase was on vacation at the time when he decided to ride sans pants. The MTA says that they’re within their rights to slap Chase with a reprimand because he’s not supposed to do anything that would bring criticism or dishonor to the universally beloved MTA, whether on-duty or off. Apparently that extends to participating in MTA-sanctioned mass half-nudity events that only one time resulted in a crowd of pantsless shoppers in the Union Square Virgin Megastore (as far as we know).

Anyway, fortunately for Chase, he’s part of a union who’s fighting to get this expunged from his personnel file, because there’s power in a union. The only official evidence of the reprimand happening will exist in the Daily News, this blog, whichever other ones pick the story up and whatever social media shares the story gets.

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