No Pants Subway Ride: Underground underwear fashion show

No Pants? No problem!

Sometimes it’s nice to walk around naked. Too bad it’s kind of illegal to do it outdoors. Interestingly, it’s not illegal to walk around in your underwear here. That’s a good thing, because about 4,000 people boarded the subway in their skivvies yesterday for Improv Everywhere’s 11th annual No Pants Subway Ride in the unseasonably not-freezing 44 degree weather. Riders met at points throughout the city, converged at Union Square and celebrated at the after-party at the No Pants Country Club at Bowlmor. What inspires people to ditch pants and take part in this free winter fun? We asked them, and did a little stylish underwear price checking in the process.

As you might imagine,  a lot of people wouldn’t tell me what their jobs were (unless they were a student) because they were all worried about their jobs, and most didn’t want their faces used. Also, it’s against No Pants ride rules to take pictures while you’re riding or to otherwise break the illusion of it being just another day on the train. But we talked to a few of them at the after party to get a bit of a behind-the-seams peak into the pants-less fun.

Chris, 31, fashion designer for, Cobble Hill
Why these undies? “For nostalgia of yesteryear. Funderwear is fun to wear! And I’m using the event to shoot my new ad campaign.”
Cost: $18 on

Maggie, 24, student, Bushwick

Why these undies? “I wanted something fun and cute to wear and who doesn’t love Oscar?”
Price: $5 at Target.

Hayden, (second from left) 27, software engineer, Bushwick.

Why these undies? “They were clean”
Price: 3 for $10 at Target.

Kristin, 28, recruiter

Why these undies? “I wanted to spread some love around.”
Price: “Free. Fringe benefits of a bootycall.”

Alice, 28, Williamsburg, writer

Why these undies? “They are my lucky undies. 83 percent success rate.”
Price: “Free, from Popduds, because I’m helping model for Chris’s photo shoot.”


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