MTA to G train riders: Four (cars) is enough

Yeah, just keep running, it's healthy. Photo by mili005 on Instagram.
Yeah, just keep running, it’s healthy. Photo by mili005 on Instagram.

As we know, there was a meeting last week that allowed people to finally yell at their elected officials/the MTA about the G train. Sure it was supposed to be about the looming summer shutdown between Brooklyn and Queens, but people can live with that. What they wanted to know was why the MTA insists that the G train still can’t have more than four cars at a time. According to the MTA, it’s because things are fine like that and everyone loves it.

The Brooklyn Eagle, was at the meeting and reports that everything was going about fine during the part of the hearing related to the shuttle buses and tunnel shutdown. Then the floor opened for questions and a few people asked about when the line would start getting eight cars, so as to avoid overcrowding in the middle of the platform, an MTA spokesperson said a study showed that everything was fine with the four car setup.

Predictably the spokesperson, who kept insisting the four car setup was enough, was booed by a flabbergasted crowd every time he said that. Finally, Assemblyman Joe Lentol, who was at the meeting, said he would conduct his own study of the G train to see if this was something truly worth booing someone over. Although from the sounds of it, if Lentol doesn’t want tomatoes thrown at him in every subsequent public appearance, this study will probably find a need for at least six cars per train.

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