Here’s a chance to yell at your elected officials about the G train

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Sasheer Zamata, the only human ever pictured smiling near the G train

Now that we’ve thankfully escaped one last snowstorm and we know that Fort Tilden will be open, everyone is making plans for summer. Although if you’re the type who needs to take the G train from Greenpoint to Queens, you’re making plans to wait around for a shuttle bus, because that promised five week shutdown is happening between July 26 ¬†and September 1. If you’re frustrated, the good news, according to Greenpointers, is that you’ll have a chance to shout at your elected officials about it in a few weeks, at a public meeting on the summer shutdown taking place April 3 at 6pm.

The meeting will take place at the Polish Slavic Center (176 Java Street) at 6pm. Now, obviously everyone needs to keep some perspective and remember that this shutdown is happening because of Sandy-related repair work. So if you’re going to violently scream at anyone about this specific situation, scream at the sea, not Daniel Squadron, Martin Malave-Dilan or Stephen Levin, who are all scheduled to attend the meeting. The ostensible purpose of the meeting is to talk about the summer shutdown.

That being said, just because a public meeting has an stated agenda doesn’t mean it can’t veer wildly away from it, like the way a meeting on Citi Bike station placement can turn into a referendum on bikes in the city in general, or this famous example of open house chaos. So if you’ve got other pent-up G train rage, this the perfect opportunity to let your elected officials, who remember, are paid to be yelled at by you, know that you’re sick of the MTA not taking the line seriously enough. Just don’t tell them it caused you to break up with your girlfriend, no one believes that.

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