Listen: This catchy rap song will teach you how to scam free rides from the MTA

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Find an expired two-trip card and try this trick. Via SoundCloud.

2017 finally brought a whole new subway line to New York City — and it will probably bring a whole new round of subway fare increases too. We may face a $3 subway ride by March, while delays, construction and overcrowding can still make the experience exasperating for even the most diehard public transit fan.

Savvy riders know number of tricks and hacks you can use to con a few free rides out of the MTA. Now one Reddit user has taken a classic trick that involves getting a free ride out of a two-trip MetroCard and turned it into a catchy rap song so it’s easy to remember. We’re posting this song for entertainment purposes, but if you’re desperate for a ride one day, this is way less risky than jumping a turnstile. And it’s just further proof that broke is the new bling in hip hop today. 

The Bed-Stuy rapper thebluehundreds posted the song on SoundCloud two days ago that details how to bend an expired two-trip MetroCard to get free rides. We have heard this trick before but never tried it ourselves, though he also made an Instagram video demonstrating how it works:

“It might be right, it might be wrong so dance along to the MetroCard song,” the track starts. Perhaps the MTA should consider releasing all its announcements in song form from here out.

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