You could be a poor person enjoying this view, if you’re lucky

Hey Brooklynite, do you remember complaining about how expensive it is to live here? Of course you do, it was five minutes ago. Do you remember trashing on Williamsburg because there’s “too many tourists” or whatever other ridiculous reason when in actuality it’s just too damn expensive? Yea me too. Would you live there if it was just $553/month though? Yeah, me too, so wouldn’t you know it, that’s what affordable apartments will start at, at the Domino development, according to DNA Info.

DNA Info reports that the lottery to land one of these apartments in the building going up on Kent Ave. between South 3rd and South 4th Streets will be held in late 2016. These affordable units will cost between $553 and $703 per month for a studio, between $595 and $765 per month for a one bedroom, and between $723 and $916 per month for a two bedroom.

To qualify for one of those dirt cheap studios, you’ll have to make between $20,109 and $30,100 per year, and it’ll help to actually live in Williamsburg’s Community Board 1. Now that you know just how cheap the apartments will be, you better get your credit in order real quick. You can sign up for email reminders here about upcoming units opening and meetings about lottery information, but most importantly, good luck!

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