Mouth love food: the Arrested Development tasting menu

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Gene Parmesan, how’s the menu?

Everyone is very, VERY excited about the return of Arrested Development. We’re all planning on wasting a beautiful late spring/early summer day to binge watch the episodes. You uh, you are, right? It’s not just us? But if you need something more, if you need Arrested Development inside you, why not drop $45 on an AD-themed tasting menu at Clinton Hill’s Three Letters? Hm? No, we have no problem with that.

The tasting menu will be served on Sunday, May 26, which sadly is also the day of the premiere of the new episodes. SO you’ll have to make a pretty tough choice: stuff yourself with (corn) balls or lay in bed and binge on AD. If you do choose you need to “eat” for some reason, and you have money to throw away on things that aren’t necessities, you can call (718)622-4679 for a reservation. Here’s what you can look forward to:

A drink option of either Lucille’s breakfast (vodka on the rocks and a cracker) or Buster’s Bender

Corn Balls
Brown butter corn croquettes

Hot Ham Water
Ham Consommé with Fried Country Ham, Asparagus, and Chive Oil

Mayonegg (her?)
Eggs Mayonnaise in a Lettuce Cup, with Sorrel Gribic

Chicken Gene Parmesan, with spicy club sauce
Chicken Confit, Parmigiano Incognito, with Chili-Horseradish-Tomato Sauce

Carl Weather’s Stew, Baby
Chicken Bone Broth, a Potato, Carrots

Ike and Tina Tuna, Plate or Platter
Seared Tuna, Sweet Sauce, Bitter Greens

And for desert, an ice cream sandwich or a frozen banana with double nuts (that’s quite a mouthful!)

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