(Most of) NYC’s coworking spaces in one place

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When there’s no more room at the coffee shop, the freelancers will walk the Eath. Via Impact Lab

For most of us midtown galley slaves, the prospect of sliding out of bed and shuffling five feet to the desk to begin the work day sounds like heaven. In reality, it’s hell. Sleeping where you work is fun; working where you sleep is not. Without human contact or sunlight, your motivation flags. You wind up feeding the cat ten times a day and staring at the crumbling plaster wondering how halal street meat would taste for lunch. Fortunately, there’s a new wave of co-working places across the city (which we discussed last year) where you can work in a quiet, professional setting and interact with other untethered “new economy” workers. The government-funded WNYC folks have put together a handy map of many of the coworking places in the city.

No prices are listed on the map, but each pin has a link to the office’s website. A quick glance shows you can get space for a little as $20 a day (part-time), which is how much you’d spend bouncing from one cafe to the next in Laptopistan.

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