More Sh*t Girls Say: “Ladies Niiiight is back!”

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Ladies' night, and the feeling's right. Mo's photo via Yelp.

“Ladies Drink Free” sounds like the best idea on paper, but as some of us learn the hard way, it doesn’t always pan out. So I was jazzed to discover that Mo’s, one of Fort Greene’s oldest bars, holds weekly free drink hours for ladies. And they don’t involve tacky Spanish-speaking frogs or an unknowing pledge to dance in the window (the aforementioned “hard way”).  The happy hour applies to cocktails only: 8-9pm on Wednesdays and 11pm-midnight on Friday and Saturday nights. The bar recently re-opened under new owners with a sleeker design, while still paying homage to its previous namesake (Moe’s). How did “Ladiesss niiiight!!!!” get left out of this?

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    • Thank you FGA! Mo’s stole Moe’s name and m.o. and a lot if people including me do not patronize them no matter what scheme they come up with.

  1. Let’s be honest, they’re not “paying homage”, they’re capitalizing on the good name of the previous well run business in that location. (The Moe’s owners did not give their blessing for the new business to use that name, and all of the regulars of Moe’s who now refuse to patronize that business have let them know how shitty it was of them. The controversy over the name was well documented by Patch and The Local.)

    Also, it’s an amusing coincidence that you mention the “Shit Girls Say” meme, because one of the owners of the real Moe’s, Ruby Lawrence, was featured in the “Shit Native New Yorkers Say” video.

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