Modern life Is rubbish, but this free Blur show in Williamsburg is awesome

They’ll be tender. via Facebook

Remember the British Invasion? No, not the old one that your parents lived through, that may as well be the actual British invasion of 1812. We’re talking about the hip, modern Britpop invasion when bands like Blur, Pulp and Oasis made us think that being British and disaffected and on full of drugs was just the coolest. All of those bands came and went and have now come back, with the latest to be back being Blur. They’ve got a new album coming out, and because they need to promote it but are rich as hell, they’re playing a free show Friday at the Music Hall of Williamsburg.

Yep, that’s right a free Blur show in a tiny venue. It’s great because you don’t have to pay, but don’t forget that means you can’t complain if they don’t play all the hits. What are you gonna do if they don’t play “Tender” or “Parklife,” demand your money back? All you need to do if you want in for Friday’s show is zoom over to the website and RSVP tomorrow, April 29, before everyone else beats you to it. The site opens for RSVPs at noon, so make sure whatever work you’re doing or pretending to do is finished by 11:58, or the only way you’ll be hearing “Boys and Girls” live is at a karaoke bar.

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