Mets seek social media expert who can hit it out of the park

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Can you use Twitter to explain away this sex scandal? Read on. via Facebook

If you love baseball the way that I love baseball, it means that you’re constantly on Twitter about it, tweeting things that the average non-sports fan finds vaguely disturbing at best and incoherent at worst. Wouldn’t it be nice to take all that incoherent Tweeting and get paid for it? The Mets think so, which is why they’re looking for a new Director of Social Media. First job qualification? Understand the joke in the headline.

Sadly, the job duties won’t just involve tweeting entreaties to fans to put the knife down because Matt Harvey will be fine, you guys. They want you to have a plan to make the Mets’ social media the best in the business across every facet of social media, which would probably be easier if that didn’t extend to promoting Citi Field partners ::coughAMWAYcough:: but what are you gonna do? While unwritten in job description, you’ll need to deal with one of the most reviled ownership groups in baseball, avoid pitfalls like trying to use a cougar dating site to get All-Star Game votes for one of your players and have a sense of humor about jerk bloggers making fun of your social media promotions.

On the other hand, you get to work with public relations legend Jay Horowitz, who is so beloved he got his own bobblehead this year. Also, you’ll be in charge of telling people how to tweet and put things on Facebook about baseball, fer Chirssakes, and even the Wilpons can’t put a damper on that. We assume. Now, the job listing asks for 8-10 years of experience, but we think you should ignore that. The team is in the middle of a youth movement after all, and there’s no better way to show that commitment to youth than letting some 25-year old with just a couple years of experience but 15,000 Twitter followers be in charge of their social media outreach. That and not trading Noah Syndergaard.

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