At least you’ll have something to play around with while you wait. Photo by David Colon

The G isn’t exactly a line one that’s known for technological innovation, unless you count “waiting for so long it feel like you’ve gone back in time” as a form of time travel. Which maybe you do. But over the weekend, we noticed what looks like a promising upgrade for the G. Not more than four cars per train, but one of those fancy touchscreen kiosks that give you directions and real time-information on train delays. Well look who’s fancy now.

We’ve reached out to Control Group, the company who’s spearheading the effort to install the kiosks around the subway, for comment, so we’ll let you know the when if we hear back from them. And also the “why,” since the G train of all places is a pretty funny place to put a fancy piece of technology that won’t even go in every subway station. Then again, since Control Group is footing the bill for this, maybe this is just one of those instances of the priveate sector knowing better than the government, like John Catsimatidis kept telling us.

But we’re going to assume this is coming, since it would otherwise by cruel to put a full-size model that says “Coming Soon” right there in the station. Gizmodo has a good rundown of what the kiosks are like to use, and how allegedly indestructible they are, but the important thing for you to know is that you’ll finally have real-time information on trains screwing up, even without wifi down there with you.

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