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Meow exciting: A cat cafe is coming to Brooklyn

They're already fitting in purr-fectly
They’re already fitting in purr-fectly

As we all know, Manhattan has not just one, but two cat cafes. The nerve of that expensive borough hogging all the cat cafes in this city just makes our blood boil. But oh what’s this? A pop-up cat cafe is coming to Brooklyn starting this weekend, just in time for cuddling season. So long Manhattan, we don’t need you for a damn thing anymore (except most of your jobs we guess)!

For $5 per half hour, you’ll be able to lounge around The Cat’s Meow, play with cats and eat and drink refreshments provided by The Brooklyn Sweet Spot and Red Lantern Bicycles. If you run into a cat you just can’t live without, good news, because all of the cats and kittens you’re playing around with are pre-screened and ready for adoption. Although it’ll run you $100 to take your new cat friend home with you. If you’d rather just hang out and watch cats do your thing, there’s a special treat in store for you, because two mama cats will be living at the cafe as they nurse and raise their kittens. So, plenty of oooh-ing and aaah-ing to go around.

As it usually goes with these things, the first Brooklyn cat cafe is going to be a pop-up affair, setting up shop in Fort Greene at 354 Myrtle Avenue, with help from the Brooklyn Bridge Animal Welfare Coalition, pet food store Who’s Your Doggy and WeRuVa Pet Food. For five weeks, from September 19 to October 24, The Cat’s Meow will be open from 11am to 5pm on Wednesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays and from 11am to 8pm on Fridays.

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