Tonight, how to mend your torn sweaters, Snuggies & jorts

You know how your grandmother could take a tattered piece of clothing, apply needle and thread and then, in a blur of old-world legerdemain, the thing was suddenly better than freakin’ new? Well, time to dredge up some of that innate garment-reclaiming handiness and save yourself a trip to Goodwill. Tonight’s the first-ever Mending Circle, a free monthly workshop at the Textile Arts Center in Park Slope. Along with the Sewing Rebellion, the center’s bringing together menders, sewers and stitchers to share their almost-lost arts and help you save your most “lovingly”-worn stuff.

The workshop’s born of the “wear-tear-and-buy-new” attitude that people tend to adopt toward their clothes these days—an attitude the organizers call “unacceptable.” TAC and the Sewing Rebellion are devoted to helping “preserve memory and the simple mending skills for future generations.” And by “future generations,” they mean us.

The Mending Circle meets tonight, Jan. 6, from 6:30 to 9 p.m. at the Textile Arts Center (505 Carroll St. between Third and Fourth Aves.). Participation’s free, with sewing machines, needles and thread included. But you bring the holes.

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  1. I agree with the above commentor–and it’s perfectly timed as I JUST bought a new button down shirt that returned from a trip to the laundromat with a square-shaped tear in it!

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