Meet the Muppets and 17 other funny ways to spend your weekend

Milton Berle and Fozzie
Sometimes you just need this at the end of a weekendunio

1. Head On is pitting two of the most beloved MTV programs of your youth, and their music choices, against each other with 120 Minutes versus The Grind. Choose what you dance to wisely (Friday)

2. Winter finally died so celebrate by checking out some art inspired by the passing of the seasons at the Equinox Solstice show at Eight of Swords (Friday)

3. Sick of enjoying movies merely because they’re skillfully made and deserving of the money and attention lavished on them? See two days of movies so bad they’re great at the Bad Film Fest (Friday and Saturday)

4. MEAT MRKT is definitely the only pop-up shop you’re going to find in Brooklyn that has art from the Wu-Tang Clan, a local craft beer tasting and also a place to buy clothes. So…go maybe? (Saturday)

5. Going to Red Hook is always a good idea, but it’s especially a good idea when you can get a free grilled cheese from Brooklyn Slate Company, so definitely head there (Saturday)

6. Green-Wood invites you to come on down to learn about Bannerman Castle, a giant damn castle on the shore of the Hudson River that’s just hanging out and decaying (Saturday)

7. Homebrewers will fight (with beer) to see who the best in the borough is at the second annual Pride of Brooklyn Homebrew Festival at Littlefield, and hey, you’re invited (Saturday)

8. Or hunt around Grand Street bars for eggs filled with free drink coupons during the Great Egg Hunt. Beats that time you spent crawling around the bar floor looking for your lost earring (Saturday)

9. Freddy’s Songwriter Deathmatch is supposed to be an evening of performances from great Brooklyn singer-songwriters, but with that name, you know that the possibility for violence is there at least (Saturday)

10. Help save the Roger That community garden from a bunch of developers, just like idealistic young people always did in those cheesy 80s movies you secretly love (Saturday)

11. If you’re getting married soon, check out the Toasted Brooklyn Wedding Expo in Greenpoint so that your wedding doesn’t end up being a lame thing everyone hates and isn’t shy about hating (Sunday)

12. It’s Coney Island’s opening day, and you don’t want to miss the blessing of the Cyclone, because even if you’re not religious, the first 100 people there get to ride if for free (Sunday)

13. The U.S. Army Concert Band and Chorus is playing at the Brooklyn Center for the Performing Arts, so be patriotic and go cheer for them (Sunday)

14. Get your record fix at the Passenger Bar’s Vinyl Fair, where you can both buy records and hear other people play records as you walk around looking for some to buy (Sunday)

15. Mister Sunday will be at Shea Stadium for a jam-filled dance party on a traditionally relaxed day, and it’s bound to get sweaty considering how small Shea Stadium is (Sunday)

16. Experience the joys of being on a music tour without the long, long, long stretches of driving and boredom at a screening of documentary¬†Porches. Being Alone. The Movie at Baby’s All Right (Sunday)

17. Union Hall is breaking open their Muppet vault to see the comedy goodies hidden within, pooled from the googly-eyed weirdos’ TV show, specials and movies (Sunday)

18. Bring a book to Muchmore’s and start reading. But don’t talk to anyone, this is a Silent Reading Party, and people are interested in their books, not your crazy Saturday night (Sunday)

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